The Holestone – Why is there a hole?

La constellation de Fionn mac Cumhaill… Orion… The High Man… veille sur moi pendant l’hiver mais, à présent en été, dort sous l’horizon.

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The Holestone that is a special feature of our local valley.  It sits on a small crag and has a spectacular view of the six mile valley (or the Ollar valley if you prefer).  It is a megalith that is believed to have originated three or four thousand years ago during the Bronze age.  It is said that in recent centuries the Holestone was used for young couples to make their pledge of love to each other.  In the area around Ballyclare with its mounds, raths, cairns and Souterrains, the Holestone is probably the most famous. Yet the true purpose of the Holestone remains a mystery.

The hole in the stone is quite substantial and seems like a massive feat of achievement when the tools available at the time are considered, or the complete lack of tools!  Why would our Bronze Age ancestors have gone to such trouble to drill…

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