The 5 Fifths of Ireland


The 5 Fifths of Ireland The 5 Fifths of Ireland

In ancient Ireland, our ancestors found significance and meaning in everything, not just people and animals but in such things as the seasons, the wind, dreams, and so on. It’s hardly surprising, then, that certain numbers took on sacred meaning too.

Probably the first which comes to mind is the number 3; you don’t have to know much about Irish mythology to be aware of that. Think of the Triune Goddess, for example; many female Irish deities were represented in threes, the most famous being the Morrigan, Goddess of War and Strife, represented by the three sisters, Macha, Anann and Badb.

But today I’m going to tell you about the number 5. It crops up quite a lot in Irish mythology, yet it’s not quite as in your face as the number 3, so you may not have noticed it.

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